Individual Post

Year 2 have been very busy this term learning all about The Great Fire of London. We

started off the term with a bakers day. We all dressed up as bakers and made our own bread

rolls. We got to take these home to eat and they were delicious. We found out all about how

the fire started and why it spread so quickly - we couldn’t believe the houses were so close

together and that they used animal poo to make the walls. In Art we drew Tudor houses and

we used water colour paints and black paper to create a fire scene depicting the Great Fire.

In our English lessons, we wrote acrostic poems about The Great Fire and we also wrote a

diary entry and a newspaper report as if we were actually there. We learnt about Samuel

Pepys and why he was an important person during that time. We even found his buried

treasure in our woodland area! We ended the term learning the song London’s Burning and

designing and making a fire engine. We changed some of the words in London’s Burning

and added our own verses. We then performed our new versions and sent them to our