Individual Post

Over the past week, the children in Yr 3 and 4 have been busy in the woods, braving the very cold weather, and discovered all about fire lighting.

The children have learned how to be safe lighting a fire. They know that if you start a fire you are responsible for managing it, keeping it under control and extinguishing it.

They know the importance of the Fire Triangle The diagram is called the fire-triangle. It shows each of the elements a fire needs. To burn effectively the fire will need to be managed to ensure the right combination of these elements.

The children have been taught to kneel in front of the fire on one knee only. This way they will be more stable and having a foot on the ground will mean they are able to move quickly if something unexpected happens with the fire.

The children lit their fires with fire steels which are fun to use and it is reasonably easy for children to learn to use them. Striking the steel in a downward motion against the fire stick creates hot sparks. Practising using cotton wool, which ignites with the smallest spark, as tinder will give children a chance to master the technique before trying to light natural tinder such as birch bark. Striking the steel is a skill that the children will continue to practise, and although this skill is difficult at first, many persevered and there were lots of smiling faces when they managed to make a spark.