Individual Post

Shinewater’s first-ever debating team took part in our first-ever debating competition - and what a day we had!

The competition was the culmination of ten weeks of the Year 5 & 6 Debate Mate club and our very own TeamSHINE (made up of six children from Year 6) took on primary schools from across the country in two rounds of debates: the first about whether we should abandon Earth and build a new civilisation on Mars and the second on whether 9-11 year olds should be made to do compulsory community service for three weeks of the summer holidays.

The competition was judged on points and, after a nervous wait over lunchtime, the team were delighted to be told that they had made it through to the big final! Once again, they were told the motion for the debate and given only twenty minutes to prepare speeches, a speaking order and to consider responses to potential questions they may be asked. Miss Jarman and Mrs Harris weren’t allowed to be involved in helping the children at all so had to watch from the sidelines but both were blown away by the focus the team showed in preparing and in demonstrating so many newly-learned skills like making rebuttals, offering ‘points of information’ and linking and summarising ideas. It was a very close final indeed with both teams speaking eloquently and challenging each others’ ideas and a very tense wait while the three judges deliberated…

and we are incredibly proud to tell you that ***TeamSHINE won***!!! This makes Shinewater the Debate Mate Virtual Primary Champions - what a fantastic achievement for a team who have only been debating together for ten weeks.

Well done Debate Maters - you certainly shone!