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Our Swale Family


Swale Academies Trust is one of the South East’s leading Multi Academy Trusts.  Having joined the Trust in September 2018, Shinewater Primary School considers itself fortunate to be part of such a thriving and innovative Trust who place pupils at the heart.

Swale Academies Trust spans across the regions of London, Kent and East Sussex.  The Trust has a strong track record in transformational school change as a result of its successful school improvement service and focus on the development of high quality leadership.


The Primary Improvement Team is a group of experienced Headteachers with proven track records in school improvement.  They work across all Swale schools challenging, developing and supporting leaders to ensure our schools are safe, innovative centres of excellence where rapid progress is made and sustained.

The team is led by Mike Wilson, Director of Primary, who has considerable experience of working across local authorities as a Headteacher, School Improvement Partner and National Leader of Education.

Executive Headteacher Julie Prentice is responsible for primary improvement across all Eastbourne Swale Primaries.  She has extensive leadership experience as a Headteacher across contrasting ‘good’ and ‘outstanding schools.’ In addition, she worked as a Local Authority Teaching and Learning Consultant as well as an Improving Schools Consultant.


“Aim High, Work Hard, Dream Big! "

There is a deep and abiding respect between all members of the school community.”

Sally Simpson

Head of Schools

The Parkland Federation consists of Parkland Infant School and Parkland Junior School with pupils ranging from ages 4-11.  Jumping Beans Pre-School is a private nursery on the school site, and accommodates children from the age of 2 to 5 years old.

The Parkland Federation joined the Academy Trust in September 2017.  Due to its high expectations and creativity, the schools are popular choices and overscribed. Emphasis is placed on academic success, Art, Computing, Sporting Opportunities, Therapeutic and Pastoral Care.  A focus on careers, aspirations and global citizenship ensure our pupils are equipped for bright futures ahead. 

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Swale Academies Trust presently have four primary academies and two secondary schools in Eastbourne:  Langney Primary Academy, Shinewater Primary School, Parkland Infant School, Parkland Junior School, The Eastbourne Academy (TEA) and The Turing School. By being part of an Academy and working together - each school, every child and their family benefit from a continued range of provision, services and support.


The Swale ‘Family’ of Primaries is led by Executive Headteacher Julie Prentice.  The term ‘family’ is used because of the positive culture that has been developed where schools work collaboratively at all levels, providing support and challenge to each other.

Collaboration opportunities are facilitated at all levels including Heads, SENCos, Subject Leaders, Attendance Teams, Office Managers and Site Teams.  Staff meet regularly to share good practice and develop their roles further. 
In addition, pupils work collaboratively across the schools at Scholars, subject and performance events.


There have been many successes to date across our Eastbourne primaries, some of which include:


  • improved end of key stage results across our schools resulting in Langney Primary Academy and Parkland Junior School being two of the top performing schools in Eastbourne (2019);

  • a consistent approach  across our schools in the teaching of Maths Mastery, Reading and Writing;

  • working in partnership with our Swale secondary schools to develop a unique Scholars Programme for more able primary pupils across our schools who are on track to gain a Grade 7,8 or 9 at GCSE;

  • development of a broad curriculum in each school which is bespoke to its own school context;

  • investment in Computing resulting in a Computing Specialist teacher and installation of a Computing Suite in each of our primary schools;

  • improved attendance and behaviour;

  • development of strong inclusion systems and pastoral support teams;

  • improved physical health and well-being;

  • improved learning facilities;

  • working closely alongside our Swale secondary schools to ensure smooth transition and continued learning from Year 6 to Year 7.



“Langney Primary Academy is a school of choice.”


“Healthy living is fully promoted to support physical and mental well being.”

Mr B Bowles

Head of School

Langney Primary Academy joined Swale Academies Trust in September 2018.  It is a large, popular and over-subscribed primary school with pupils ranging from ages 2-11 years.   

Langney is known best for being at the forefront of education, its creativity and high quality teaching in every subject. Its advanced Computing curriculum and investment in technology prepares its pupils for the ever-increasing digital world.  With more than 30 extra-curricular clubs on offer each week, the school helps children to discover and nurture their talents and interests.  There is a strong focus on the development of physical and mental health for all children, staff and families.



“Shinewater is a school where all children are valued.“

“Staff work hard to help every child reach their potential.”

Nicki Kaufman


Shinewater Primary School is a large school with pupils ranging from ages 2-11 years. It  joined the Academy Trust in September 2017. Shinewater Primary is known best for its rapidly improving standards, stunning learning environment, creative curriculum and inclusivity.  The exciting school curriculum places emphasis on the arts, computing, STEM and outdoors education.

Mr Mark Dawson, Computing Specialist Tea


I have been the Lead Computing Teacher for Langney Primary School since 2014, and have nearly ten years of experience as an ICT coordinator prior to this.  During my time as a Lead Computing Teacher, I have focused on transforming the primary computing curriculum and the way in which digital technology can enhance teaching and learning.  I have championed using G Suite in Education, the use of one-to one tablets to enhance engagement and have provided training for staff across several schools in using digital tools.  The digital vision developed at Langney Primary has led to the school achieving both the ICT Mark Accreditation and the 360 E-Safety Mark Accreditation.   

With the skills and knowledge gained through my experiences, I have consulted on a number of digital projects to include digital resourcing, improving electronic safety, facilitating G Suite setups, promoting the capture of pupils' work in digital form and coaching staff on using digital tools. 

 I have embedded a bespoke Computing Curriculum in three primary schools from Reception to Year 6 and now oversee a team of Computing Teachers.  As part of my role I have run several Computing Scholars Days as well as organised and initiated a school hub-wide Digital Leader program for pupils.

To improve transition from KS2 to KS3, I am currently working on expanding our Computing curriculum to include Years 7 and 8. 


My whole career has been as a teacher in primary education. I began my career as a class teacher at Junior Schools in Peacehaven and Brighton. During this time I was a year group leader in Upper Key Stage 2 and Mathematics Leader across the school. 

After returning from maternity leave in 2011, I was lucky enough to train as a Numbers Count Teacher. This meant I was given specialist training in how to teach Maths to children who needed to make accelerated progress to catch up with their peers. After moving to Eastbourne in 2016, I took on a new role as a Lead Maths Teacher in the local Education Improvement Parntership (EIP). This involved me working across a range of schools in Eastbourne and Hailsham to improve standards in Maths teaching and learning. 

I have worked for the Swale Academy Trust for the past 18 months. I work across the hub of Eastbourne schools providing training and support in Maths. I also work as the Year 6 Maths intervention teacher at Parkland Junior School.

debbie s.jpg


Our schools work in partnership with each other to raise standards and operate more efficiently.  To do this, we have a number of outstanding practitioners who work to provide regular support across our Eastbourne Swale Primaries.  Not only does this method have a positive impact on school standards, but it also enables our school staff to flourish on their journey to becoming tomorrow’s school leaders.  


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