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Little Sunshine Nursery

Young children learn through play. Never underestimate the value of play. It is a young child’s work. Through play your child is discovering new things about the world. They will be developing new skills and building new relationships. The Nursery curriculum is based on the ‘Areas of Learning’ set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. The Seven Areas of Learning:

i. Personal, Social and Emotional Development

ii. Communication and Language

iii. Physical Development

iv. Understanding the World

v. Mathematics vi. Expressive Arts and Design vii. Literacy



Our aim at Little Sunshines Nursery is to provide a safe and caring environment where children can develop through play and hands on experiences.


A childs development is complex- social, emotional, physcial, intellctual and moral aspects are all inter-related. We are committed to instilling in our children feelings of self worth and confidence. We will nurture their ability to build positive social relationships, develop self-discipline, become curious about the world around them and fully engage their minds with an eagerness to learn

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Not only will your child be individually planed for, they will also have the opportunity to use the Library. The Nursery has a selection of books from which your child will be encouraged to borrow each day. You may wish to help them choose a book. They will also have the opportunity to take part in a number of cooking and tasting activities. We ask kindly for a donation of £1 per term towards our cooking resources. On a Tuesday and Thursday morning the children will enjoy an outdoor learning

Within our Nursery 2 year olds are provided with age appropriate resources and furniture. They also have access to all areas of our nursery including our outdoor area. In the Nursery we do discourage the use of dummies and blanket. However, there is some flexibility for our 2 year olds who depend upon these in times of upset and when needing a sleep.

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