Visions & Values

At Shinewater Primary School our children are inspired to be the best they can be in order to achieve their full potential through challenge, support and enrichment. Their physical and mental health is of paramount importance for all staff.  Our children are immersed in a range of creative and stimulating learning experiences where they feel safe to take risks within a warm and inclusive atmosphere.  Every child is nurtured and valued, enabling them to develop respect for themselves and others with the consistent expectation of positive behaviour choices. This ensures that our children can shine through in all aspects of school life and beyond.  The school fully appreciates the valuable role played by parents, carers and the wider community.

Our Children’s Core Values


– encourage all pupils to excel through a commitment to high expectations and standards.

– provide a welcoming, secure and stimulating learning

    environment and to value the wellbeing of our school family.

 – create active, cooperative and independent learning

     opportunities through high quality and inspirational teaching.

 – promote an atmosphere where every child is nurtured and valued,

     enabling them to develop respect for themselves and others.

-provide an innovative, creative and relevant curriculum which takes

  into account all learning styles and the diversity within our